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Last updated on April 10th, 2023 at 4:11 pm

Hello Friends, Welcome to A2zinfosys Online mathematics classes our aim is to sharing personal knowledge thinking about my technical knowledge. A2zinfosys Online Classes is working for free education maths and physics classes for all. We are try to give educational solutions free of cost not only website supports but NCERT video tutorials, study materials, sample papers and so mother things also.

We also provides some social media promotional tool on my websites and also some services.


About the Online Classes

A2zInfosys Online video classes is a student educational web site which provides high quality test papers and study materials for maths physics to the students preparing for CBSE or targetting various educational exams. Our aim to provides high quality knowledge about maths and physics classes, in this tutorials we include hindi and english both language to teach the student about my best knowledge.

In this Online Classes I like to share my educational ,technical and computer and internet related knowledge like as knowlege of class 9th maths physics class 10th maths physics class 11th math physics and class 12th maths physics java ,csharp ,internet related issue and creating of website in php html javascript making add ons and developing windows apps for both desktop and android apps.


About me

Hello friends,I am Shah Alam, I am a software developer and Maths Physics teacher, I hava a knowlege of java,csharp .net ,developing web site in html javascript and php and also we can develop a small add ons ,and I am capable to develop any type of software like accounting software, online store for web .

Finaly according to above information ,I would like to sharing the technocal knowlege in my blog page, and also I wand to sharing about latest jobs , admissions ,result ,vacancy ,answer key .